About us

Established in August, 2017, Goodmore Hotel is located in nowadays Helping East Road, formerly known as Liuzhangli Avenue, which is a cultural hotspot in Taipei City, attracting many travelers and even more life artists to stay.

Turning around from day bustling streets to tranquil little streets. The guests have their own sets of travel plan here. On the left side is National Taiwan Normal University Commercial District. Travelers can promenade Taishun St. to feel the aroma of literature and coffee. Right side is Dongmen Commercial District. Walking into the most beautiful area in Taipei, Lishui St., to experience historical atmosphere, or surrounded by greenery in Daan Forest Park.

Enjoy traveling alone. Here serves separate personal living spaces and bathroom equipment for every traveler can rest, write, and bathe when they return.

As long as you know how to play, slow down and enjoy your life, welcome to Goodmore Hotel. Experience Eastern culture from opening our wooden door and have a relaxing journey with us.